Functional Lab Testing in Litchfield County, Connecticut

functional lab testing in Litchfield County CTOur patients receive specialized, “functional” laboratory testing. We offer functional laboratory tests that look at whether your body is functioning at optimal health. If not, then we can identify imbalances before they start the process of becoming malignant diseases. With past and present patient history, we create an individualized treatment to prevent illness. With our intent to return balance to every system of your body, we focus on the body to adjust and heal itself as it was meant to do. The functional lab testing incorporated into each client’s recovery enables us to restore balance to your body. Every lab test we use puts focus on testing to assess the health of your body’s core systems.

Anxiety & depression assessment & treatments

We perform an extensive physical examination, various tests and record your medical history. The practitioners understand that depression may connect to other underlying physical health problems. The application of an alternative treatment in a client’s journey to recovery often will be sufficient to help alleviate the most distressing symptoms of depression. Our selective supplements can ease anxiety and depression symptoms. When we naturally treat anxiety, some therapy or exercise is the safest way and including learning new coping mechanisms and ways to control stress. Herbal supplements as a natural therapy can improve your overall spirits and coping mechanisms. All our alternative treatments are safe. We recommend that regular activity should be part of your therapy.

General Wellness Exams

Performing a physical examination gives us a picture of your health. General wellness examinations allow you to keep your healthy state of well-being. Regular checkups that you participate in will signal any underlying abnormality to be detected early. These intervention visits to your practitioner can be a learning period for the client and keep yourself healthy with this preventative care. Scheduling preventative appointments and ordering routine tests help to maintain your good health.

Gastric Function Testing

The gastric function testing looks at how the nervous system and endocrine system work together to increase the gastric secretion and motility when there is an intake of food and to suppress them as the stomach empties. We use this test to determine a low acid output of the stomach. This test tells us that if the acid output is abnormally low, then the client experiences poor digestion. A gastric function test is performed to analyze and measure the fasting patient’s stomach contents for acidity, appearance, and volume.

Metabolic Function Testing

Using metabolic function testing to assess the body’s cellular metabolic processes and looks at the metabolic function productivity. This testing identifies metabolic inhibitions or abnormalities when detoxing, producing energy, neurotransmitter breakdown, intestinal microbial balance, or stressors. There are some metabolic inhibitors such as vitamin, mineral or enzyme imperfections, etc. Once the metabolic problem is identified and then detect what the metabolic cause is, we devise an individualized nutrition plan to rebalance the body. Our metabolic function testing can also help provide valuable data regarding many health conditions. This test brings back the promotion of general biochemical and physiologic wellness.

Adrenal Function Testing

We test how well the adrenal glands are performing using the adrenal function test. This test is used to detect whether the adrenal glands are “fatigued.” These glands support a healthy body through stressful events. These lab tests are used to see if their levels are normal or abnormal levels of secreted hormones in the body. If there is hypo or hypersecretion of the adrenal glands in their functioning, then the body will be unhealthy and inhibit our bodies from handling day-to-day stress and pressures. Our use of alternative therapies to put the body back into its healthy state and rebalance the hormonal levels to maintain wellness. These lab tests determine how much the glands are damaged. We use functional medicine to bring to light the underlying imbalance, or cause.

Sex Hormone Function Testing

Male Hormone Imbalance

Men are tested for sex hormone function testing because age causes hormone level changes. We realize when hormonal changes occur, with a range of adverse effects in the body. A variety of significant degenerative diseases arise when testosterone levels fluctuate. Testosterone is a systemic hormone in the male body affecting every cell in the body. This lab testing is crucial to determine the levels of testosterone (generally in high concentrations) and estrogen (usually in low levels). With the gathering of this information, our practitioners make up a regimen to boost the levels natural hormones with the use of individualized nutrient and herb supplements, elevating the free testosterone levels and allowing the elevated estrogens levels to decrease, which protect the prostate gland.

Female Hormone Imbalance

Sex hormone testing detects female hormone imbalances. With the administration of herbs and tinctures, hormonal level imbalance correction brings relief to the client. We also use blood test results to determine how to correct hormonal imbalances. We can assess which herbs will work best and other treatments. Our doctors include diet, nutritional changes to add more fiber and stress management to bring hormonal imbalance back into normal levels. More fiber in the client’s diet alleviates the elevated estrogen to secrete. Herbs, botanicals, supplements, essential fatty acids can also assist in achieving balanced hormones.