Preventative Medicine Services in Litchfield, Connecticut

Preventative Medicine in Litchfield County, CTPreventative medicine allows our clinicians to maintain the client’s health, early detection of imbalances and illness before impending disease can occur. We use our preventative care visits with our clients identify signs of impending disorder and help you turn things around to maintain the highest quality of health. We use observation to monitor the conditions that nurture the environment for disease and put into practice a variety of preventative measures to make your body maintain its optimal health. Our use of natural medicine is the preventative steps we take to stop disease or imbalances from taking root. Our recommendation for dietary change and physical activity vastly reduce the risk factors for disease. We direct our clients to correct any adverse behavioral and lifestyle changes that will discourage disease. Our doctors pride themselves in our high-level of preventative medical practices. We are vigilant in our efforts to deter any disorders before they cause permanent damage. Every client’s body is self-healing abilities. We promote this self-healing of the body by teaching that what you eat, lack of stressors in your life and loving life aids much with the supplements and other preventative measures we undertake to keep you in the highest state of health.

Cardiovascular Screening

Our clinic uses cardiovascular screening to look for the early signs of cardiovascular disease. We can begin a regimen of natural medication, diet modification, physical exercise after testing for cardiovascular disease. Diet and stressors in your life are essential elements to correct. We have herbs are that can provide heart health benefits. We devise techniques to manage stress part of any alternative therapy plan for heart disease. We instruct our clients in the knowledge regarding alternative therapies, dietary interventions, and nutritional supplements. Our clinicians believe in curing the whole person. The emotional state can aid in your recovery from heart disease. We know that inflammation is the primary cause of heart disease. Healing foods will restore your heart back to health.

High Blood Pressure

Always eat a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, which gives the body high amounts of fiber, and low-fat dairy products lower their blood pressure. Our clients are also taught to reduce saturated fat and cholesterol which can lower your blood pressure. Our recommendation is to treat high blood pressure with changes in their lifestyle and natural medications. Guidance for meeting the normal ranges for blood pressure is essential. Nutrients effective in lowering your blood pressure is a part of the client’s alternative medical care.

Cholesterol Checks

We schedule cholesterol checks and encourage eating a wide variety of healthy foods in their diet lowers the client’s cholesterol naturally. A regimen of alternative treatments is part of lowering cholesterol. We offer our clients herbal and nutritional supplements that are beneficial in helping to lower cholesterol. Our clients are taught to maintain good cholesterol levels.

Diabetes Assessment

In our diabetes assessment, we test for diabetes. Our supplements fitted to only that client, diet and meditation is part of our alternative therapy, which also includes other natural remedies to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. We teach that keeping your glucose in normal range prevents damages to the body that elevated blood glucose levels are known to cause. Our diabetes treatment for our clients demonstrates diabetes assessment at regular intervals can be controlled and decreased with the right natural dietary supplements and proper diet management. Minerals in the diet help maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Foods rich in fiber and foods that fight inflammation are what we most recommend to our clients to combat recurring abnormal blood glucose levels.

Weight Loss

Our first recommendation is a sensible diet with fruits and vegetables and physical exercise. Our doctors design a diet plan for the individual to lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Our program of a healthy diet and lifestyle changes along with our naturopathic medicine provides natural, safe and effective options which promote permanent weight loss. Our weight loss program encourages the client to achieve and maintain balance in their life to treat what is inhibiting successful weight loss. Another factor for successful weight loss and maintaining your weight loss is behavior modification.

Stress Management

Our use of stress management along with our naturopathic medicine tends to help individuals prevent and manage stress and improve overall well-being. Our doctors focus on the client’s diet, physical activity and anxiety in their everyday life. Whole foods of fruits and vegetables should contain a significant portion of the client’s caloric intake when we are stressed. Also, emphasized to our clients is lifestyle education on proper whole food nutrition, encouraging adequate rest and exercise. A battery of testing is done to rule out underlying disease. We instruct the client in the necessity to maintain positive mind and body techniques to promote a positive mental state. Our herbal and nutritional supplementation treatments are also used to support the nervous system and adrenal glands. In effect, we add the regimen of how to relax the body. Therefore, we believe with these treatments, and the whole person receives treatment.

Adrenal Insufficiency Testing

Stress causes adrenal fatigue. These stressors work the adrenal glands over time with low-level activity. Adrenal insufficiency testing shows the practitioner if the hormone levels or normal or abnormal. Further testing for adrenal insufficiency can be in the form of imaging of the glands to determine the average size. We create natural remedies to help alleviate symptoms and build a path towards remission and health. The reason we work hard to get the adrenal glands healthy again because they assist the body in coping with stress.

Hypothyroidism Testing

The focus for performing hypothyroidism testing is to check if the thyroid gland is functioning at a low output of hormone levels. We tailor these tests for each client according to their body’s requirements. We take functional medicine when examining the thyroid gland natural remedies to assist the mechanisms within the client’s body back to heal itself. These procedures allow us to find the root of the problem. Hypothyroidism testing permits us to apply the principles of comprehensive, diagnostic lab tests to look at whole-body systems to determine what insufficient levels of the thyroid is affecting other systems or parts of the client’s boy. These systems or components are carefully scrutinized for diagnostic process and in treatment. We acknowledge that iodine is critical for adequate thyroid production. Thyroid imbalance versus iodine levels is determined. We also review the symptoms and bodily function. Then, the client’s treatment is established through all the reviews and determination to create a naturopathic treatment plan with the patient in mind. We then can adequately address it with nutritional healing, that is with produce: Fresh, raw, organic produce heals. Also added to the diet are iodine rich foods for a complete diet. Correction thyroid levels back to normal range protects the body’s system from malignant and damaging imbalances.

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is another test, in a battery of tests, along with comprehensive medical and environmental history that gives our doctors a snapshot of normal or abnormal imbalances in areas of a client’s body. We know to take the time to get a complete picture of the whole individual and tailor a customized, comprehensive program that combines their allergic issues with their entire set of imbalances and deficiencies with an overall better outlook. In general, successful treatment of a client’s allergies removes the adverse conditions of related disorders. Again, testing for allergic reactions is vital in having a good understanding of the patient medical history to help with diagnosis and treatment, enabling the doctor to find the root of the cause of their allergic reaction. The alternative approach, right treatment plan, managing and educating our clients about allergic problems lead to successful recovery. Through testing, the client can avoid the food, animal or unnatural irritant that causes the flare-ups. Always treated with alternative medicine, the client will receive the herbs and supplement that will lead to successful treatment.

Lyme disease Testing

In areas where ticks inhabit, a bite can be undetected until the client is unwell and challenging to diagnose. Lyme disease testing and a thorough medical history allow us to present the highest quality diagnosis and treatment in our patient care. Our practice offers extensive knowledge Lyme disease, its symptoms and eventually successful health restoration in the affected client’s health. There are many therapies used to present to restore the client’s unhealthy state to a state of feeling well. Our team continues to search for information that will further aid in safe, scientific treatment of Lyme disease. Our therapies are successful in the diagnose after gathering extensive client medical history and research to find the most advanced medicine to relieve our client’s condition.