Herbal Medicine Treatment in Litchfield, Connecticut

herbal medicineHerbal medicines are one type of plant-based dietary supplement taken to improve or preserve one’s health. Our use of herbal medicines is naturally occurring, plant-derived substances and a safer means of treating illnesses within one given area of the body or systematically throughout the body. For our clients, we use herbal medicines that are complex mixtures of organic chemicals that may come from any uncooked or teas, supplements, and salves, etc., from a part of a plant. Plant-based medicines treat many conditions and health concerns to adjust your bodily functions back to their normal state.

Compounded Medicine

We compound medicine related to each patient’s symptoms. The exact strength and dosage form required for our clients is individualized. Working with the patient allows our practitioners to personalize every medication to meet the patient’s needs. There is no risk of overdosing under-dosing with compounded medicine.


Our nutraceuticals are food containing health-giving additives with additional medicinal benefit; which also protects against illness or disease. These food products have physiological benefits to promote health benefits and fundamental nutritional value considered to control symptoms and prevent damaging processes within your body. With the use of nutraceuticals, there is a promotion of restoration of biological processes and maintain the functions and integrity of your body.

Individualized Prescriptions of Herbal Medicine

We combine herbs into powerful healing formulas to comprise the functional medicine needed by our clients. This combining of the correct selection of herbs produces the desired effect for each patient. Our individualized prescriptions of herbal medicine can treat a wide range of symptoms at the same time energizing the body’s natural healing of the body. We evaluate each client to diagnose whatever imbalances may be occurring. Then, an individualized prescription of herbs is checked and adjusted at regular visits. Teas or decoctions prepared by cooking the raw herbs allow the most individualized medicine that acts upon the body. If need be, we add to your individualized prescriptions to assist with ultimate effectiveness to correct the body’s functions.

Acute & Chronic Condition Treatment

In your individualized treatment plan, we evaluate some reasons why your body is imbalanced. We investigate your diet and lifestyle to restore your body to ongoing, lasting health. Then, we devise a treatment plan to treat the client instead of the disease only. We investigate what the acute and chronic illness is and concoct a natural treatment. The next step is to seek the underlying cause of imbalance and provide prevention and treatment using a variety of remedies. We offer natural treatment designed with the individual in mind. Through carefully progressing into each stage of diagnosis, we seek the factors disturbing your standard body functions and eliminate the cause. We consider this system of returning the client to a healthy state as nature’s restoration of health. With the intervention of natural medicines, we identify and start reduction of the causative factors, which disturb function, by creating a more healthy regimen; therefore; assisting in stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Our botanicals are used to support tissue function, repair and restoring structural integrity.